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A semi-facetious Single-Sentence Saturday October 11, 2008

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…I can’t be held responsible for what happens to the next person who tells me how “awful” it is that I “have to” ride the bus, especially if they insinuate that I’m “too good” to ride with “those people.”


Musings from the 42 Limited August 22, 2008

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Riding the bus makes everybody a little autistic.

There’s the woman in the back who’s so engrossed in her book that she misses her stop… and the next one… and the one after that… and ends up getting off a mile later than she’d intended.

There’s the woman in the other corner who’s been on the bus for an hour already. She’s not going anywhere in particular, but is just in it to watch the people.

There’s the man anchoring himself to a pole in the aisle because he doesn’t want to sit next to someone he doesn’t know.

There’s the woman pressing her face against the window, staring at the patterns in the road.

There’s the man who’s rocking just a little bit more than the bus itself is doing.

There’s the oddly-dressed teen in the front who smiles at everyone who enters and is still waiting for someone to smile back.

There’s the man who doesn’t reply at all when the driver asks if he wants a transfer slip.

There’s the small child who breaks free from his mother to talk to a formidable-looking man about his collection of bugs. Even when said formidable-looking man is obviously uninterested and uncomfortable.

There’s the one person everybody else pretends not to be staring at, and the one person everybody else sees but doesn’t really notice.

(Guess which of these people is me. Whichever one you pick, you’re right.)