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Oh, NOW I get it. September 26, 2008

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So, I’ve been on a bit of a nostalgia kick lately, and I just realized one of the reasons I love re-immersing myself in the things I loved as a little kid.

Not only is it great to have on as background while I’m crocheting — since I know what happens, I can look at my work — but on re-watching it, I can go “Oh, that’s what that means” whenever one of the characters uses an idiomatic expression that I didn’t understand when I was little.

Case in point: when the villain has the hero in a trap and says “you’re gonna be history.” It didn’t do me any good to ask anybody else what “history” means, because the answers I got all tended toward the “Oh, it’s things that happened in the past.” I couldn’t phrase it differently at the time because I didn’t think I had to (after all, they knew what the word meant), and eventually I just stopped asking. (Yes, there came a point where even I picked up on the fact that I was being annoying.) It also helps that I understand the concept of sarcasm now.

The other bonus is, of course, picking up on all the cultural references I’d missed before and realizing exactly why the grownups laughed at those lines. I’m fairly sure most people do that, though.