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And now for something completely different. September 6, 2008

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This isn’t going to be a regular occurrence, but I’ve been on a massive Farscape kick lately and had to share. It’s only tangentially related to autism, but it has everything to do with experiencing the world differently, and I had to share.

Behold, the way I experience social interaction, as related by former soldier Aeryn Sun:

“What I had to do up there was like a field strategy exercise, only the enemy wasn’t trying to kill me, the enemy was a puzzle, and there were lots of different pieces, and independently — separately — they didn’t, they didn’t make any sense, and I had to think it through really hard, and I had to work out, try different combinations of putting them together, and then finally I worked out what had happened, and I worked out what I had to do.”

(Yes, that’s really all one sentence.)