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Frustration. September 15, 2008

Posted by speakingaut in interaction, language, social.
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So, a bunch of people on another site are discussing autism right now, and there’s one person who, while through the rest of the discussion is being very sensitive and understanding in her attitudes, keeps talking about “real autistic people” versus people on the less classical end of the spectrum.

For several reasons — not the least of which being that I really don’t feel like defending the fact that I exist right now — I pointed out how condescending the phrase sounds and then I left. I know it’s most likely either a linguistics issue (where she doesn’t know the right term and is compensating) or a matter of not realizing the impact words can have, but it’s still bugging the crap out of me. And being the person I am, I’m going to have it bug me for the next few days unless I get it out of my system now. So:


(In other, unrelated news, I have a cat scratch on my left hand such that it hurts to move my little and ring fingers on that hand. It makes typing fun!)



1. Osh - September 15, 2008

How frustrating! Both the being “not real” and the cat scratch.

2. speakingaut - September 15, 2008

Osh: The kicker is, after she scratched me (it was getting dark and she didn’t want to go in), I told her “you can just find your OWN place to sleep tonight; my bed’s off limits.” And she gave me this look that was obviously the feline equivalent of “yeah, right.” Sure enough, she’s on my pillow now.

…it’s a good thing she’s cute.

3. Osh - September 16, 2008

That is too funny. Having 5 cats, and being fluent in the language Catish, I’m pretty sure she was saying more.

Funny thing…Our kitten, Dillinger, scratched Evan last night too and was sent to my room for a “time out” and an hour later, back in bed with Evan purring away.

4. speakingaut - September 16, 2008

Oh, I know she was. I speak Catish as well. But I try to keep this blog PG-rated.

(I’ve always wanted multiple cats. But my current one would absolutely flip out on me.)

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